Are you considering selling your home with a view to buying another? Entrust these two operations to the same agency or to a property hunter to save time, simplify the process and save money.


If you plan to sell your property to buy another one later, the best solution is probably to make the sale and the purchase coincide. This is a simple and less affordable solution, in addition to being expensive but in practice, since these two operations can be complex.

Indeed, the real estate market in Paris, or elsewhere in France, is far from being an exact fixed science. It will not be possible for you to determine in advance the date on which you will succeed in selling your property, nor the expected price.

In addition, you can also find yourself faced with two equally complicated situations where you risk losing at any time.

You are a very thoughtful seller

You prefer to sell the first good before you are interested in the second. In a hurry to sell, you will be tempted to lower the price of your property to optimize your chances of selling faster.

You are a very passionate salesperson

You start the process of buying the second property with a simple "coup de coeur" without you even having had time to estimate yours. You set up a financing plan without having a guarantee regarding the amount you will get when you sell thanks to the sale of your home.


The advantages of being accompanied by a real estate hunter

Your real estate projects are located in the heart of the Parisian city? You can perfectly get a great deal when you are accompanied by a property hunter in Paris. You will have peace of mind or even gain a head start since solutions can be presented to you immediately.

Peace of mind

If you entrust your projects to a property hunter, you will have peace of mind. You will find yourself free from the stress that could arise if you are unable to find a buyer in time or if you are forced to cover the charges for two dwellings at the same time.

Receive personalized advice

You have the chance to benefit from the advice of a professional by being assisted by a property hunter. He is in the best position to know the real estate market, whether in terms of prices or legal obligations.

Get an estimate of the price of your home

Thanks to the assistance of an apartment hunter, you can quickly assess your property. He is constantly aware of the prices practiced in this field. He knows the level of attractiveness of the borough where you are and where the accommodation you are interested in is located.

Avoid the bridging loan and the purchase-resale loan

The bridging loan allows you to borrow money from a bank for 60 to 80% of the value of your home. You will repay the capital of this credit once you have sold your home.

As for the purchase-resale loan, it has the advantage of having a reduced interest rate compared to the bridge loan. You may also benefit from a waiver of prepayment charges.

In both cases, your priority remains to sell your home quickly at the risk of finding yourself in a critical financial situation that could lead to over-indebtedness.

You do not have to take such risks if you are accompanied by an apartment hunter in Paris. Thanks to the services provided by this real estate professional, you will quickly find the apartment of your dreams.


Photo by Andrea Selter/Unsplash


Parisearch, a local agency expert of the Parisian market

Parisearch is a real estate agency in Paris.

Connected 24 hours a day to the market and its network, it responds to all requests for research or sales of real estate in Paris and the Ile-de-France.

Its objective is to accompany its customers in the realization of their project of life by securing their step and by allowing them to reach rare goods (off-market) which will make their happiness and will answer perfectly their criteria.

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