Property hunter: quickly find a property in Paris

Published on 06/21/2020

How to find real estate quickly in Paris

Demand on the real estate market in Paris is growing and the purchasing power of buyers remains high. Acquiring real estate in the heart of the Parisian city remains trendy. How to find the property that suits you in a very short time? Various solutions are available to you to be among the luckiest and quickly find your apartment in Paris.

Efficient tools for searching

The Internet is the ideal solution for easily and quickly finding a property for sale. Above all, there are specialized classifieds sites but also specialized agencies with competent property hunters such as You can also snoop on social networks and private ad sites to hope to find your ideal property.

Browsing the streets of the city can also help you in your search. You will be able to come across the displays directly hanging on the front of the property for sale, by the real estate agencies.

In your social relations, word of mouth also allows you to find a good. Sometimes even better than you imagined. By playing with your relationships, a particular ad may reach you.

Be specific in research: clearly define your expectations and needs

You probably already have an idea of what type of apartment in Paris you want to buy. Depending on your needs but also your budget you have the choice between an old property or a new property. Be as specific as possible to avoid wasting your time on unnecessary visits but also to facilitate the work of your mandated property hunter to find your ideal property. The important elements to specify are:

– Desired area,

– number of living rooms,

– the ideal location,

– type of exposure, with or without terrace,

– on the ground floor or upstairs…etc

The precision of these details will allow you to easily target interesting offers. It is also preferable to seek the advice a real estate hunter for the choice of the property best suited to your needs and your budget. This professional has a good knowledge of the reality of current offers, which will be useful for you to search effectively.

Property hunter: get help from someone experienced in the field

A tailor-made service will free you from all the constraints associated with finding an apartment in Paris. By contacting a real estate hunter, you will save time and energy and you will be able to go about your usual activities. You just need to arm yourself with patience to wait for the latter to contact you to offer you offers corresponding to your specifications. No risk of being scammed because he will accompany you during all the visits to check the condition of the property, will ensure that the prices are transparent and will guide you in the signing of the contract until the handing over of the keys to your new property. .

Be careful to use a real estate hunter and not a real estate agent. It is true that there is a little confusion in the minds when we talk about these two major professions in the real estate sector, yet the differences are very clear.

A real estate agent works mainly for owners and not for buyers, while a real estate hunter will focus on the needs of the client and will be able to adapt to your budget. It is a real estate professional who has greater expertise in field research to find you interesting and often even exclusive offers. The real estate hunter focuses on a minimum of files (3 to 4) to offer quality services.

Photo by Carlos Muza/Unsplash


Parisearch, a local agency expert of the Parisian market

Parisearch is a real estate agency in Paris.

Connected 24 hours a day to the market and its network, it responds to all requests for research or sales of real estate in Paris and the Ile-de-France.

Its objective is to accompany its customers in the realization of their project of life by securing their step and by allowing them to reach rare goods (off-market) which will make their happiness and will answer perfectly their criteria.

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