Finally found your dream apartment but it's small? Discover all our tips for optimizing the space of a small apartment!

How to optimize space in a small apartment?

Thanks to the good work of your property hunter, have you managed to acquire the apartment of your dreams? The problem is that the square meters are quite tight? With a few tricks, it is possible to optimize the space of a small apartment. Here's how

A good delimitation of spaces

Even if it is from a studio that you have just acquired, it is essential to delimit the spaces. You will see where you can put the kitchen area, the dining area, the relaxation area...

This will make you more aware of the space you have and the space available to put your furniture. This is an essential step to be able to optimize the space of a small apartment.

Do not hesitate to draw a plan, so you can carry out several tests and see which one suits you best. If you need help with this, this site gives you all the solutions to draw the map of your apartment.

Optimize the space of a small apartment in every corner

Your apartment is small, so you'll have to be cunning to avoid losing even the smallest square meter. To store all your belongings in a clever way, create tailor-made storage so that there is no wasted space. Thus, if your home is in the attic, it is possible to create storage cupboards under the attic. If you have a staircase that allows you to access the floor, you can use the space lost under the steps to create a dressing room, a library or a storage space.

Also think about shelves. You can put a few shelves on the free walls. This allows you to elegantly store a few decorative items.

Think about how you can use all its hard-to-reach spaces, the nooks… so you don’t waste space.

Create a mezzanine

If you are lucky enough to have a good ceiling height, the best way to optimize the space of a small apartment is to create a mezzanine. You can't push the walls but you can exploit the height! Generally, it is a space for sleeping that is created there. You can thus have an independent sleeping area.

Performing work in an apartment may be subject to declarations and authorisations. As for the mezzanine, you will find here the steps to take.

Multi-function furniture

As you have a very limited space, in order not to clutter it, you will have to limit the number of pieces of furniture. However, you always need storage space. So bet everything on multi-function furniture.

This proves that you are opting for a coffee table that can be transformed into a dining table. There may even be extension cords so you can entertain friends!

Similarly, when it comes to your bed, if you can't create a mezzanine, you have the sofa bed or the convertible bed which allows you to have a sofa during the day and unfold in bed at night. There are also high beds that stay up all the time. And, you can take advantage of the space below to put a sofa or create an office space.


To save space, feel free to stack whenever possible. Thus, it is common to see the washing machine and the dryer stacking up. Similarly, the space above your fridge can accommodate objects or household appliances such as your microwave.

There are many solutions to optimize the space of a small apartment, think about which ones suit you best both in terms of the configuration of your apartment and the budget you have!


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