Buying or renting an apartment in Paris is not without pitfalls. Find the perfect property or even “off-market” accommodation by entrusting your project to a Parisian real estate agency. In addition, a real estate hunter masters this market at his fingertips.

A Parisian real estate agency has extensive knowledge of the local market

By working with a property hunter in Paris, you can benefit from a significant advantage. Indeed, he will put his experience and knowledge of the city at your service. He will be able to present you with all the opportunities that may be open to you within his scope of intervention. He will be able to advise you according to the neighborhood you are interested in and the basic amenities you require. You will be sure to find the property that meets your expectations as soon as possible. This real estate professional remains constantly informed of the available accommodation and the prices charged. He knows the level of attractiveness of the district that interests you. Therefore, he is able to provide you with personalized advice to help you find an apartment whose characteristics closely meet your expectations.

However, do not forget to consult the opinions left by customers if you want to have an idea of the seriousness of the apartment hunter with whom you plan to collaborate. You can possibly get information on the spot by asking questions in the vicinity of the latter.



A Parisian real estate agency is an intermediary of choice

A real estate hunter working on behalf of an agency does not just put landlord and tenant, seller and buyer in contact, or organize visits. He also takes on the role of adviser so that the two parties can find an agreement. To this end, he is able to answer questions from both the owner and the potential buyer, while being loyal to each of them.

If you use a local real estate agency to buy or rent a property that is within its area of intervention, it will be able to provide you with all the information that could be useful to you.

A Parisian real estate agency is a listening partner

Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to finding a new apartment. Those with children will certainly look for an apartment that is not far from a school. Those who move for professional reasons want to be closer to their place of work.

Do you have specific needs? You can clearly discuss this with an apartment hunter in Paris if you are interested in this location. You will be accompanied by a professional who listens to your requirements. However, it should be noted that rates may vary from one neighborhood to another depending on the proximity of basic amenities.

A Parisian real estate agency can do everything for you

You can look for an apartment without going through a property hunter. However, this solution requires high availability, whether for you or for the owner of the apartment. In addition, an individual does not necessarily know all the administrative procedures related to the purchase or rental of real estate. The dated pre-statement and the minutes of the general meeting are not always within everyone's reach.

By working with an apartment hunter, you will be relieved of these procedures which will waste your precious time. He will play with a network of acquaintances to facilitate searches and help you quickly find a property that you would certainly not have been able to find on your own. For this service, the amount that you will be asked to draw up a lease contract in particular cannot exceed 12 euros/m2 of living space.


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Parisearch, a local agency expert of the Parisian market

Parisearch is a real estate agency in Paris.

Connected 24 hours a day to the market and its network, it responds to all requests for research or sales of real estate in Paris and the Ile-de-France.

Its objective is to accompany its customers in the realization of their project of life by securing their step and by allowing them to reach rare goods (off-market) which will make their happiness and will answer perfectly their criteria.

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