Mobility lease, what does it consist of?

A mobility lease is an agreement that concerns the rental of real estate as your main residence. It is different from any other rental agreement because it is relatively short in terms of duration. It also takes into account the profile of the future tenant. It is governed by a rule panel. Its operation takes into account rent, termination, disputes, etc.

The determination of the rent in the case of a mobility lease

In general, for a rental, you have the option of using a property hunter. The latter is in charge of finding you what you are looking for. You should know that the amount of rent is defined by the tenant and the landlord. In addition, there can be no revision of this rent during the period of application. However, this rule does not apply to rentals in areas where the real estate market is experiencing some tension. In this case, the rent is subject to rent control.

Thus, in the event that this accommodation is put back on the market, you can only rent it at the same price as your predecessor. You should know that this clause is only valid for a year and a half after the accommodation has been handed over. Beyond that, the lessor is free to determine the price of the rent.

Charges relating to a mobility lease

You are responsible for paying the rental charges yourself. The lessor has no right to ask you for provisions on charges. As the mobility lease has a limited duration of around ten months, no adjustment of charges must be made. The price of the rental charges is determined by taking into account the previous charge statements.

Provision of receipt

When you pay your rent in full, as well as the payment of rental charges, you have the right to request a receipt. The latter must specify all the expenses paid, in order to serve as proof if necessary. If otherwise, you have paid part of the amount due, you will receive a receipt from the lessor. This receipt will show the amount paid and the amount you still have to pay.

The security deposit and the deposit

The mobility lease is not similar to an ordinary lease, you do not need to deposit a guarantee. The owner should take notice. Thus, you have the possibility of opposing this deposit at the request of the lessor. You should know that this simple fact could lead to the requalification of the agreement.

The roommate

In this type of mobility lease, you have the possibility of living in a shared apartment. However, in case of joint tenancy, you do not need to sign a solidarity clause, the legal details of which are explained on this page. You should know that the amount of the rent is divided by the number of roommates. In the event of non-recovery, the lessor can only take action against the roommate at fault.


The maximum rental period being 10 months, you do not have the right to renew your lease. The only option available to you is to sign an amendment agreement. In this case, if your lease lasts less than ten months, you can renew it. However, under no circumstances can you exceed this time limit.

The change of lessor during the mobility lease

When during your mobility lease, the lessor changes, he is required to provide you with information about himself. This is their name, address and, if necessary, the address of the real estate agency.

In the event of a dispute during the mobility lease

In the event of a problem, you must resolve it amicably. You can also use a court conciliator. As a last resort, you can appeal to a clerk of the district court.


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